TECNOFLUID ENGINEERING SRL presents itself on the national and international market as an organization specialized in the design and production of hydraulic and oleo-pneumatic components.
Thanks to the founders' experience and to the staff's expertise, the company intends to stand out from the crowd of competitors by pursuing quality under all points of view:

-      The management intends to attain the CORPORATE MISSION by investing on human resources and on the effectiveness and efficiency of its corporate processes.
-      The organization presents itself on the market as a "TEAM" made up by people who collaborate with the common goal to meet the customers' requirements and expectations pursuant to a process-based approach and continuous improvement.

The following items make up the Quality Policy of TECNOFLUID ENGINEERING:

  • Constant attention to the customer and will to maintain a high service level, from contract negotiation to after-sales
  • Strategic ability to provide a competitive product by optimising quality and price.
  • Corporate ability to manage the own activities excellently, by progressively reducing the non-compliances through a dynamic continuous enhancement-oriented process
  • Will to stand out in the relationships with the concerned parties (both inside and outside) and in the communication, by translating expectations into measurable, shared and monitored goals.

The alignment of the Management System with the ISO 9001 requirements reflects the company's will to operate by pursuing better and better results, cost control and waste reduction.
The General Management of TECNOFLUID ENGINEERING SRL believes that the management performance is an essential strategic tool to attain and maintain a competitive, first-class position in the sector.

• Increased customer satisfaction through products complying with the customer's expectations
• Business/profitability growth
• Developed product quality
• Increased organizational performance, research and planning of interventions aimed at enhancing the corporate processes
• Optimized management costs
• Increased staff motivation and involvement, by increasing their awareness that the human resources are fundamental for the Quality System to work properly
• Safety control and environmental protection in the workplace
• Research and use of new technologies and production materials

The management regularly reviews, studies and checks the defined specific goals for processes and managers.
Specific goals are detailed in the document attached to the Management Review.

The Management commits to convey and to communicate the principles and goals of the Quality Management System to all the employees through meetings and trainings since they believe that it is essential to involve the staff and to grow their awareness as for the company's success.
The Management commits to search for and offer new communication channels with the customers, by valorising both the traditional forms and the website to speed up contacts and exchanges and to increase the visibility on the market.
The Management has always committed to comply with the requirements in force on the product and the company, with special reference to the protection and care of the people and the environment.

The Management regularly checks, updates and/or approves the contents in this Quality Policy, by formalizing the newly made decisions in the review report.



TECNOFLUID Engineering s.r.l. • 20811 Cesano Maderno (MB) • Italy • CF P.IVA MB 02385880964


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